1. Anonymous said: Wow and you're selling nudes too? That must seriously have some sort of legal consequences. That is horrible. All this without their consent. This is a sex crime. I'm going to report you.


    😭😭😭😭 your public school system has greatly failed you. Do you know what a sex crime is? Ok let’s go over it with the second year law student. A sex crime is any sexual behavior that can be classified as criminal in nature depending on your jurisdiction these types usually can range from rape, incest, prostitution, indecent exposure and formally sodomy (that’s for you). Now the crime that you’d be looking for would be child pornography but alas there isn’t anyone on this blog under the age of 18, so you’re shit up a creek on that one. Now you could attempt to report me for the distribution of pornography but as you know that’s legal. You could also attempt copyright infringement but the law has yet to clearly outline whether or not nude pictures can be copyrighted and if so to whom would that copyright belong to. So next time you come into someones inbox please have a clue of what the fuck you’re talking about 😌.

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    Child’s Play (1988)

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    Ugh I envy her

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